[Luv AJ]

I’ve found a new accessories label that I’m totally obsessed with – Luv Aj.  The perfect mix of contemporary edge with vintage appeal. For the spring 2011 collection, jewelry designer Amanda Thomas aimed for a sense of 70s luxe with crystal clusters and body chains complete with styled shaggy coats and fringe.

I first came across the brand through NYLA Boutique (one of my clients). They sent me some images, I like the name, I googled, I feel in love.

I’m getting into accessories at the moment, piling them up, loads of them, all miss matching. These pieces are so antique looking, but statement at the same time. Effortlessly cool.

The 23 year old designer has a noticeable aesthetic, a combination between worn and torn edginess with a hint of femininity in her line of jewelry, that ranges from bodychains to handpieces and everything in between. You need to check it out. I Luv Aj.


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