[Baby Bertie]

Well I am one lucky lady that’s for sure. Last night I was invited to a bloggers event at the Bertie store in Covent Garden. When this arrived in my inbox I didn’t even have to think. I love Bertie, this is quite well-known. I’m always bubbling away on twitter about how much I love each collection (last season I brought the wedged Chelsea boots, season before brogues), so when I saw on the invite that I would receive a free pair of shoes, I couldn’t help but think “What’s the catch?”.

I can tell you now, there was no catch. I walked into the shop and was told I could have ANYTHING I wanted. So there I was like a kid in a sweet store, gazing at all the amazing Spring Summer styles. Me and my partner in crime Alex from Alex Loves headed straight into the photobooth and played dress up. I think we managed to hog it for quite a while and ended up with our photos stuck up on the wall. I haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while, we are silly girls. Then the shoe shopping commenced! The first ones I picked up were the bad boys above (image from Bertie), but then after trying them on I chose against them. Yes they are horifically cool but would I get alot of wear out of them, probably not. So I ended up going for some rather lovely wooden platform, sling-back peep-toes that aren’t even on the website they are that new! (Sorry for my terrible phone pic!)

I can’t thank Bertie enough for the invite, it was an amazing evening and I can’t wait to blog about the rest of the collection.

Here are the photobooth pics of me and Alex from the event, the first ever picture of me on my blog! Enjoy!



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