[Roman Holiday]

It was quite a delight to receive some rather charming black and white stills in my inbox this week, from the quintessentially British brand Pied a Terre. Pied a Terre appeared back on my radar last year, after re-launching with the help of a store in Kings Road that I happened to stumble upon. They seem to be going from stride to stride now (excuse the pun). These effortlessly chic images showcase the Spring/Summer 2011 aesthetic to perfection. 1950s icon style inspiration, European city location, and a playful romance story create a nostalgic allure to this seasons collection. Lady like kitten heels, cutesy ballet pumps and striking espardrilles make up the black and white ‘Roman Holiday’ theme.

I’m a fan of photography anyway, black and white especially. Dramatic but understated – I think these images would be wasted had they been in colour.

For more information why not check here and check out their site.


One thought on “[Roman Holiday]

  1. I love what the girl at the bottom is wearing…..wish I could get away with wearing something like that, sadly I have calf muscles like upturned champagne bottles….the big ones….

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