[Model Life]

So tonight is the second episode of ‘The Model Agency’ and I for one will be tuning in once again. One of London’s leading modelling agencies, Premier Model Management, have opened their doors to Channel 4 for a revealing new ‘fly-on-the-wall’ documentary.

Having tuned in last week this show reminded me of the worst internship I ever had – a time I came to loathe working at another top London model agency. When I was 18 I was ‘lucky’ enough to score an internship at a model agency with the look to becoming the Junior Booker after a month. From this short-lived experience I lost all faith in model agencies, but actually, Premier seem one of the better ones. They at least seem to care more. They are more human.

I remember on my first day I was shown to my desk (the side of a filing cabinet) and given my chair (the floor). I witnessed the owner screaming at the bookers, reminding them constantly that inside those four walls, he was “King” and models coming in and out, being criticized on their hair, face, style and walk. I remember taking my lunch break and kicking myself for not taking my bag out – I had to go back. In a world where youth, beauty and money rule – it’s unbelievably ugly behind the scenes. I remember one of the nicest models I met, being told that they would not be put forward for jobs until their ‘stress induced spots’ cleared up – because the agency was ashamed to be associated. They were openly ridiculed. I lasted two weeks and have never been in contact since.

The first episode of this documentary actually restored my faith in model agencies. Yes it’s a bit bitchy and cut throat, but unfortunately that is the world we choose to work in. Girls will be considered ‘too short’, ‘too fat’, or ‘not quite model material’ – but that rejection is just the way it is. Not everyone is cut out to be a model. I for one am not – I’m too short, too curvy and I most certainly don’t have ‘the model look’. Premier actually held themselves well. Lets see if they keep me watching.


2 thoughts on “[Model Life]

  1. I will be tuning in too…….but……. I am desperately hoping that it gets better.

    I was hoping to learn some new things about agencies, not to watch a bunch of ‘administrators’ sat around a table.

    If I wanted to watch that as entertainment I would never have left the desk job.

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